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Hello and welcome to SCIX African Trade Talks :)

Sep 14, 2023

Welcome to the show, David Coffey, president of the African Association of Automotive Manufacturers (AAAM).

Key tenets of the AAM:

African Automotive Eco-System:

  • Work with African governments to unlock economic potential and promote the Automotive sector across the continent. Develop a network of stakeholders committed to achieving the potential of the African Automotive industry.

Regional Plays:

  • Growth in key regions with an alignment and understanding of what different countries could do best within the Automotive industry. Initial target markets for assembly: Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Ethiopia, and South Africa; supported by the development of regional value chains for the manufacture and supply of components.

New Automotive Opportunities:

  • Cater for relevant and robust Automotive technology and appropriate modernization levels/ growth, while considering country maturity and in-country conditions and resources.

In this episode, you'll discover:

-Progress made in the African economy in recent years...00:45

-What does the future of the automotive industry look like?....02:45

-The pace of development of the auto industry in Africa with the ASFTA...06:10

-Where automotive companies should position themselves in the local ecosphere...10:00

-The significance of the West Africa Auto Show...11:45

-How to get involved with the African automotive industry...14:50

-And much more...